Who we are


Our company has started in 2006. We have already served lots of companies and private customers with success. Always looking to be on top regarding the protection and the availability of the data.

Our strongest points are:


  • affidability and disponibility (we do backups on regular basis and we offer also a restore services)
  • Data security that are hacker proof, DOS and DDOS attacks, web defacement, advanced web attacks.
  • Multiple type of service offered: shared hosting, dedicated hosting (multidomain), reseller hosting, addon services
  • A site builder starting from landing pages  up to big web sites. With our site builder you can insert text, images, videos, payment buttons, google maps, yandex maps, image galleries, product galleries, and so much more with just a click of a mouse button. You can also build your website for the viewing in desktop mode, smartphones esktop grande.
  • Service offered based on modularity: on demand support, professional CMS installations, VPN services, Proxy web services, restore services, SSL certificate for websites or emails.

4host is an individual company that offers domain and hosting web registrations.


All our services are offered and hosted in Lugano and Zuich (Switzerland).


All our servers have a high technology profile using Dual Xeon processors for high performances.